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Take it or leave it, we’re going to have some big wins today we’re here doing the premiere live at Yamaha casino welcome everybody thousand dollars in let’s get her started nine dollars a spin line it up buttercup one of the newest games they have here I think I played it one time before let’s find it got to get three take it or leave it on a pay line one more top or bottom no this is a super hot classic jackpot one got it there we go that was pretty fast only down 70. Oh, I remember this bonus now, yes, so there’s a wheel up on top and the wheel’s going to spin and it’s going to light up some spots, let’s have a look here goes whatever lights up we get to keep one two three eighty-five dollars we can either take it or leave it and we get three more chances what was that I said 85 that’s not bad but I’m going to leave it I want more there’s bigger numbers up therein leaving it. Here we go! light it up one two three four five nearly there it is 205 dollars that seems like an offer. I cannot review so we’re going to take that one right there nice one that was really good glad we got that nice and fast too welcome in everybody come on into our premiere live we’re with you live in the chat right now premier lives mean that this was a pre-recorded video because why well we’re busy we’re out on the road doing important stuff out there let’s keep it going don’t forget to make sure you guys do hit that subscribe button on youtube and follow over on facebook and let’s hit that thumbs up like button. Let’s get it over a thousand likes to start with and then keep on growing it from there fifteen three sevens one two one more on the bottom seven seventeen all together top or bottom again no darn3x multiplier 2x holy crap holy crap we got a 10x multiplier with triple sevens and we got a 2x over there that is a thousand and thirty dollars we have already doubled up those three right there is a thousand on its own wow that is like a dream hit right there i can’t believe we hit that already all that’s missing is the 3x in the middle if we had that 3x in the middle uh then it would have been that one right there 55 000 on lines oh no on lines five through nine we hit this one on line four whatever uh we’re up a thousand ninety dollars on our first game here at Yamaha casino if you guys haven’t come check it out because it’s more than a casino it’s also a spa and resort and they have everything you need on top of it being a super drop dead gorgeous here uh hashtag where’s Marco. I can tell you where he is right now he’s at the spa woo got it again of course he is tough and it is a beautiful spot do it in the middleman won’t go below 2000 oh on the top on the top wow 10x multiplier so hot. That’ll be a hard one to beat. Let me tell you all right last two spins okay we got something there 12 bucks last spin no last two now again and last one all right guys doubling up cashing out of our first machine at 2002 let’s continue on yes indeed let’s continue on okay you guys that was fun take it or leave it baby we took it all we doubled up on that one where we’re going to go to next what are we feeling here Brian you guys always talk about monopoly and I found a monopoly money grab let’s go all right monopoly man let’s do it too at 2002 in we’re doing a 10 cent denomination and we’re going to try it on the 12 dollar this music will always get you in the mood oh this is good i remember the last time i did this i think we get the dollar signs now we want dollars where’s my dollar bills okay we got the bonus thank god i was like what is going on all right shoot that money out here comes here it comes oh it’s adding up nicely oh baby yeah okay there we go you guys 240 in that bag wow all right that was lucky thank you monopoly man well done and we’re up bye let’s do that again that was so cool so I think all the dollars I would have landed we would have won but we didn’t hit me and then he went to the top and the money back exploded so that was that was pretty good every time you get a full reel a while shoot it up to the bag and it may go off at that time giving it all back now come on line it up buttercup give me those wilds three bonus wheels would be great they were only on reels one three and five oh that would i thought those were three wilds that was only two wilds rude i was going to try and show you what happens one come on all right we are back where we started now I missed it oh no it picked us out here we go find it back where we started again we go three whole dollars juggles right we need another feature right now come on bonus wheel get us back on top monopoly man so many blockers with those dollar bills everywhere they mean nothing without the monopoly guy on the front and now we’re giving a lot back and more let’s try some rapid fires 34. money grab can we do better than last time It’s not counting very fast counting faster congrats the bank has paid you well it paid me half as well as last time but I’m sorry back in 1970okay rapid fire’s being nice let me try a few I want to see that more wheel pretty soon come on that music is everything all right am i right it’s so good there we go hello my dance moves are everything 129 guys we’re only down 15 bucks can we get it back right now how about now how about now all right three more spins let’s go two more and last bit coming in ah all right this guy’s out there at 1900 on monopoly money craft all right monopoly man he is the man he’s pretty fun i like him a lot all right let’s see what we’re going to go to next over here I don’t know where to go to next it’s over this way oh I see that money storm over here too what do we go to coyote moon let’s do coyote moon with progressives let’s go coyote moon deluxe let’s do the first bet there we go and now to tell you what we’re playing for there’s the money up there you guys half moon full moon lunar eclipse all you got to do is to find those progressive symbols to drop on the reels anywhere uh not anywhere together and then you win them so three of them together against the half moon four them together the full moon and all five of them lunar eclipse that’s a lot of pairs 24 bucks we’re doing the max bet on this game oh which is ten dollars isn’t it yes ten dollars a spin it’s a two cent denomination my screen isn’t working so i can’t touch that one but it’s double what that says because it’s two cents340. half moon has to go off before it hits400 and right now it’s at 350. so full moon has to go up before it hits a thousand it’s at 867. lunar eclipse is at 31 3200 has to go up by four grand so it’s pretty far off two bonus symbols got to find three they’re only on the middle three reels there it is that was fast all right we’re down to 1800 we just won two grand oh two great two thousand two cent pieces credits there so we’re at 20 bucks the ancient ones bestow on you five games in the rising moon free games bonus plus additional credits thank you man here we go five spins line it up wow oh baby that’s a whole lot of wild wow we’re already at 100 bucks okay too bad it wasn’t just pairs on the end but we’ll take it there’s that progressive symbol come on find three or more together we just did it what did we do re-trigger that’s what that was i thought it was a progressive symbol we just got an extra five spin now we’re talking all right guys that pays 24 as well six more spins come on wilds fill it up re-trigger again shut the front door wow it is hard to re-trigger on this game one time let alone twice additional free games yes we certainly did we have nine more spins there’s another 20 we’re at 150 right now on the bonus wild come on wild that’s a lot of pairs again nice another 76 dollars we still have five more spins we’re at 280 dollar bonus go oh nelly one off of a re-trigger there pairs again will win pairs are high what can I say27 three more spans come on multiple wild reels fill them up24 one more spin god 330 bonus that is nice we were down to 1800 we’re now back up over uh up over a thousand dollars for today nice gorgeous all right. I’ll give it a few backup spins what do you say eight dollars  all right three more spins here we go here’s one two three all right missing one progressive right there darn all right well we’re cashing out two thousand forty eight dollars just jumped over right next door to wonder for boost gold and we’re going to max it out we’re doing all four games they offer so we have uh timber wolf gold uh pompeii gold five dragons gold and buffalo gold gold all right let’s go eleven dollars is the max bet that’s not enough bonus wow that is extreme free games guys that is the best one to get i think right got it on five dragons gold too wow okay i might need to back up the camera here or something i think this one gets big doesn’t it oh baby oh nelly oh that’s hot oh my gosh yeah it’s extreme oh geez okay uh so first of all we gotta pick one of these ones up here uh what are we gonna do 25 2015 mystery 13 10 or six going for lucky number 13 i think but i got to make this a little wider i think lucky 13. let’s do it too guys here we go oh my gosh even bigger than i thought it was wow this could be really hot all dragons are multiplied by eight right now how do you even know where to look you know that’s as far as i can go out so i can show you the multiplier now we’re at 29 this is so ridiculous dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons i mean we have dragons everywhere i don’t even know what it is though got some turtles over there 40 over there that’s a nice one that’s the best one we got all right right 82 we still have 11 more spins. I want to see multiple dragons everywhere we got five fish five fish is 40 bucks all right 124where’s my wild dragons to be found right there a couple dollars only there’s some oh give me a big one we got five of a kind fish times eight that’s a nice size one because i think five fish was forty dollars it is forty dollars times eight that is 320 on that one alone can we pick them or can we pick them we’re picking them well tonight and i never would have picked the five dragons gold but i thought let me pick one of each for you guys and there you go we’re at 465 dollars we have eight more spins where’d you go double dragon nothing lines up darn it that’s what you want lots of dragons everywhere a wild wild wild a couple dollars only we’re at 478a couple of five a kind fish for 40 multiplier eight again where’s the bigger multipliers hiding up to 540 bucks now look at the mother size one double that’s good that’s good multiplier eight that’s it that’s it it’s only forty dollars for those times eight and an eight dollar one all together there we go we’re up to 621 oh boy i thought it would be a lot bigger i got four turtles times with a multiplier turtles all the way across the multiplier eight again oh my goodness all right it’s not as big for that one turtle’s not as big as a symbol but it’s 120 for them wow we’re killing you guys let’s have a look where we’re at right now here it is oh baby spin nine of 13. what are we at eight hundred dollars all right let’s go here we go oh my gosh we can re-trigger can’t we yes please multiplier of eight again oh we hit something big somewhere I can’t see it though eighty dollars and tens i think that’s the big one six dollar over here oh yeah 80 intense is that all that is there okay up to 983 three more spins can we do better than an 8x multiplier just a couple of fish there with an 8x multiplier oh my gosh what’d i hit king’s all the way across for another 90 there oh my gosh guys another thousand dollar win with two more spins we’re now at a 1086dollar bonus big finish dragons where the heck are you nothing 8x multiplier right 24 bucks down here25 cents up there one more spin this is what we’ll determine whether or not we hit a jackpot or not we’re at 111 dollars my lucky number 11. dragon a couple baby hits here and there i think with an 8x multiplier who knew oh no that means we’re probably gonna just pass the 1200 mark on that let’s see eight dollars four dollars eighty it’s over guys it’s over shut the front door there it is like i said just over oh my god look how sexy that is right there i can’t believe we just hit that i have never had a jackpot on this game ever before we just did it right there with all of you guys during our premiere live hit that thumbs up button hit that subscribe button on youtube and follow on facebook let’s get those numbers up you guys our live stream has just begun let’s keep it going all right that was beautiful jackpot you guys cashing out a wonderful boost goldi haven’t technically been paid out yet so i’m gonna go just walk over to a nearby machine now uh and and uh not go too far so that you can find me still pay me out but let’s jump on something really fun how about some cash wheel let’s go all right cash wheel with a jackpot of two two six six nine twenty thousand six sixty nine nine dollar max bet need two of those followed by one of those on a pay line for the bonus those bonuses gonna either give you a spin on the wheel it could give you two spins on the wheel it can give you three spins on the wheel or your one spin can be multiplied by two oh my gosh wow three red sevens times four you guys 408dollars we are ridiculously on fire it’s hard to get three red sevens let alone times two let alone times four so we are now up fourteen hundred on this ticket plus a twelve hundred dollar jackpot we’re up twenty six hundred my lucky number again it keeps coming it just keeps coming i’m lucky enough all right needs a bonus when you can hit something like that or something like that 25 bucks bottom or top actually what it works as well because it’s a nine line game it’s confusing because the last time i played this this game on my channel it was uh it was only a five line game get it i love the nine line ones ten dollars ten bucks three red or three blue symbols will also pay you out double trouble right in the middle two wheel spins this is our time all right congratulations you’ve won two cash wheel bonus spins yes we did and here we go line it up buttercup hit that two grand okay all right get up another okay and there you go congratulations a new high for us again look at that oh my gosh 26 57 is what we’re up now three blues money back oh no it’s not money back only five bucks see on the firefighting game it was money back darn three blue sevens is 50 bucks top or bottom it’s alright right in the middle of course six get it three reds i love this game it’s so simple but it’s so much fun you know get her done if you guys ever want to do join us by the way for a group poll or a meet and greet event make sure you head on over to our website it’s a place to find out all that info you can also get our beautiful t-shirts we have tons of t-shirts and swag for you on there lots of valuable info keep going 15.survivor all right i’ll stop at 2 300.five three more spins five nice two more again get it ah last one ten dollars that’s enough for one more all right we’re cashing out there two thousand three hundred and five dollars on cash we all right cash wheel off we go i see some wheel of fortune the very back over there i want to get on it’s a wheel of fortune wild spin and I’m feeling kind of wild today let’s get over there i don’t know what the bets are like hopefully it’s got a bigger bet than i’m thinking some of them some casinos have only a one cent denomination on it other ones are multi this one looks like one cent yeah it’s only a five dollar bet so we’ll find another one hold the phone let’s see what else is over there over there let’s keep walking it’s all right we can walk and talk how about some crack crack and unleash all right mccracken here we go lots of denominations on this game let’s go all right kraken unleashed this is lobster bay two thousand three hundred and five i’m doing the two dollar denomination oh that’s wrong bet there we go ten yes ten dollar spin I mean i guess we could do 20 let’s do 20 whatever let’s just try some 20 spins too come on three of those for the bonus how does that pay us eight dollars okay one more one more one more, otherwise there’s numbers going around we need to get uh six of those for another bonus those ones right there and they stay alive as well drop four more with those oh three more with those. All right drop four more two ah all right drop four more oh so mean all right let’s not forget we’re doing twenty dollars a square this is expensive ryan easy to get caught away forget what you’re doing ding ding eight dollars okay so this is gonna give us at least three maybe four on the next spin gotta find six it is four two more two more two more all right hopefully there’s another one above that one no we need three oh so hard so hard to get this bonus love those lobsters they are wilds but they gotta line it up like our fishermen there for 20 bucks which is our bets we’re going to do better than our bets come on ding ding ding500 mini 2500 dollar miner 900 for the major darn it 6 500 for the grand just stuck with that 10 dollar bet huh it’s only a five line game drop three more drop four more oh three more two more no and four more why you so mean this is the time where i should be cashing out i think because we’re down a lot but i’m gonna give it a few more three three three four more two two two two two more two more three more why are you so mean four more all right last few spins i should have walked away when i said i should have walked away forty dollars hey guys we’re making money ding mother darn its okay three more is all you need that’s it three more got it we got it we finally got it we got baby baby numbers the kraken there we go our all right we got six collected three spins to get more if we fill it all up we unlock this okay do it cha-ching you gotta do a lot better than what you’ve given me so far this is not gonna cut it okay 100 bucks more that helps and three more spins and20. three more spins to fill in three more places oh nelly 120 okay we need a big multiplier or like a major can we do it that’s three spins a thousand over there oh nelly another 100 oh my gosh we did it wow open it up you guys ready here we go show me the money. I want a 5x a major or a thousand or two thousand two thousand’s the best one to get right now i don’t see it major no way 914 dollars can you believe it i’m so glad we kept spinning oh my gosh uh we have a new high again wow we were down like about 600 bucks and now we hit a freaking major plus all that money right there we have another jackpot no freaking way Yamaha casino you guys we have the best luck when we come here 520 mother sized beautifulness wow get your butts on over here check out this resort marco can tell you all about the spa in the pool for sure. I can tell you all about the slots and they are fabulous as well as the food incredible all right let’s add it up 434 dollar jackpot beautifulness our ticket is up to three thousand that means we’re up two grand on this one plus our twelve hundred dollar jackpot we’re up thirty two hundred dollars let’s keep it going some diet sometimes you guys you just win and you win and you win some more uh it’s nice when it happens and you gotta like take that in you go ahead you’re fine you gotta just take that moment and enjoy it because more times than not we lose money you know so let’s enjoy this and maybe we can keep the winning streak alive here we go okay i found zeus a power link uh we’re at 16 35 and i’m gonna take some chances now because we’re gonna max better we just did it we just upped it to 20 and it worked out for us so let’s up it again thirty dollars a spin that is the max bet on this machine look at all these options you have up here we’re doing the dollars all right let’s get her going guys 30 bets line it up need to get six of those orbs for the bonus or three free game symbols those are your jackpot numbers up on top let’s get them let’s get them let’s get them all right continuing on 30 to spin. I was gonna say this game is really quiet until you hit something one more one off the different colors mean different things the red colors of bigger numbers blue are the babier ones you know it’s only a five line game two more just the five horizontal games or lines rather that’s it come on three of those lightning bolts four free games and three games are sexy we love three games bump thirty dollars all right we’re already in for 300 bucks line it up two more a bit for four hundred dollars thirty dollar bets what are you doing there we go 120 hit thank you five of a kind 150 hit now we’re talking now let’s do that with a premium symbols hall we get zeus all the way across fill that board of course we’re all here just for that darn bonus too look at that oh two three four they always show them like going by how nice of them huh one one one it only took one two more two more or one more of those would have been good too we’re in for 500 now brian what are you doing four more spins three more two more two more three more three three three last bit all right cashing out 1011 and we had a little downturn all good we got two jackpots so we are well up right now let’s keep it alive and well fire link power four um thousand eleven in there uh i’ve chosen two china streets and two old vera streets and we’re gonna do a 22bed 22.50 here we go just need to get one bonus inside of any one of the four of those there’s a 30 hit right there it’s a 10 cent denomination that was rude we had three fireballs up there we gotta get four inside of any one of the four boxes or three free game symbols on the middle three reels that’s a lot of wilds fifty 58.50 another big one on the top 43back up over a grand one off of that one there’s a big one there to ooh look at all those wilds nice one 70. 12 bucks come on four fireballs i know you can do it45. 22 come on ultimate fire lane drop in four put those four together now bump no closed calls in those free games yet it’s 21close call bonus aha better than a close call. I don’t know why it’s a close call i wanted a bonus not a close call all right guys here we go line it up bring on the wiles one ah gotta fill the reels of the wild yes yes yes there it is 157seven more spins clang clang clang nice one 30 bucks build up those reels five more spins one more spin yeah all the way across another 100 in our pockets very nice bonus in the end412 bonus gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous nice back up to 11 63 nice one i’ll give it a few backup spins 52. I secretly i’m hoping we’re gonna get the fire link bonus right now last bit I like even numbers we’ll cash out there at 1100 ultimate fire length powerful ultimate fire league fun times okay where are we off to next brian. I don’t know i don’t decide this stuff until i’m walking around and i see what i like do i like anything over here or not yeah yeah hey guys it’s so weird just walking around people like hey bc hey brian what’s up ryan i like it though i like it i’m gonna do this one right here triple grand fortunes i like this game let’s go all right let’s get it going this is a triple grand fortunes and i’m ready to go 1100 in there10 cent denomination let’s max it out 20 bets that’s where we’re at right now i guess biggest bet you can do on the machine let’s find that bonus need six pearls six pearls for the bonus or three free games. I’ve got some jacks ten bucks one more for games not yet minnie is 50 minor 100 major that our first pearl not looking very good so far down to 880 already. I have not had a winning align hit yet and we’re in for 300 bucks already go is that a winning line yet it is 29oh yeah how about some rapid fires oh that would have been nice oh my gosh it’s bringing the pearls that’s all i can say about that no wins though bling one more so many teases and for 500 i don’t know i’ve had good luck on this game in the past but you know can’t judge that for the future wow three more spins that’s all i can give it drop it in drop it in drop it in all right last one ouch all right down 600 on that one cashing out triple grand fortunes what a rush that game was and yes i plan to say that because I’m going over to jackpot rush which is right in front of me right here looks like fun here we go all right jackpot rush i’ve only played this game once um and it was a lot of fun let it kick my butt so hopefully we can get our money back right now and we’re max betting it again twenty dollars a spin we’ve had two jackpots a day the first one was on i believe a ten dollar bet and a second one twenty dollar bet that right yeah yeah alright well raymond let’s uh let’s line it up shall we you guys ready okay here we go 20 bucks to spin two more all right it’s not bad we’ve never hit the bonus by the way on this game we needed two more that would have done it otherwise you need three free games in the middle three reels oh my gosh okay those jackpot rushes uh you need at least uh well it’s part of those four that you gotta land so the more of those you get the more the bigger the jackpot you can get still using the original ticket we started with today and we’ve won 2 700in jackpots so at this moment right now we are up two grams yes let’s keep it up there though gotta get it back up on top we were up 3500 that was the highestmoment there is a little feature on this game where the whole board just lights up and it’ll give you something a big win or a bonuswouldn’t mind seeing that right now two more gotta see that one timekeep going those uh those bars of gold are the best symbol to line up all the way acrossespecially with sexy sexy multipliers we got 100 bucks left that’s five spinsonlyrude ten dollars last twonothing well you know what i really want to see more of this game i’m throwing in another thousand yep i am doing it rightnow i think i have not yes i do have another one ready here we go thousand dollar tiki line it up baby i gotta see something don’t make me regret this2412. ten dollars i think the most uh of those symbols you can drop at once i think it only rock two two of those bonus symbols on a reel twenty four dollars two more. I don’t get excited anymore because i feel like i’m never gonna hit it like ever that’s so means us we got it we got it thank you for looking i couldn’t do it all right one jackpot rush gives us the mini for fifty dollars that’s 60 20 and 20. oh baby now we’re going to a bonus yeah I hope so I was like that’s not it right all right we’ve already made 100 bucks oh oh oh okay i didn’t read what it says but we have four picks hopefully to move up right move up in the ranks we need extra picks then i’m sure they exist in there plus an extra pick all right we’re at 20025 bucks all right three more ah get out of your head five bucks darn it that’s even worse get back in your head jackpot rush plus a pick we’re up to 500on the mega yeah one more we’re going to progress before the ultra can we get a third jackpot in this video shut the front door by the way i’m really happy i put another thousand dollars five bucks last pick i’m going right over here again15 was it there uh those two that’s pretty good right there was only five out there we found three of them jackpot rush wow okay guys 650 bucks i think that was is that right yeah 650 all together nice comeback kids so glad we gave it a go there you go and now we’re up to 14.85 which on the original ticket for a thousand means we’re at 485. all right uh i’ll give it three backup spins oh i want free spins now but i’ve learned my lesson enough is enough last spin coming in tough game but that was fun 14 35 cashing out of jackpot rush gold standard jackpots uh oh you know what i just told you that the miner just hit but it hit on the 50cent denomination we’re we’re playing a two dollar denomination so we have a 24 000 grand six a three thousand dollar major and six hundred dollar for the miner which means it’s a twenty dollar spin here we got we all right that’s good for four dollars she’s a quiet one too oh my goodness where was the volume button hold on oh no that’s as hard as it goes looking for that spin button over here oh something’s moving thank you for that two dollars so generous we’re at 13.25 and all right 50 bucks i was hoping those double zeros would move up that’s okay four dollars okay we’re at 13004010 bucks and another 10 bucks back at 1300 and re-spin give me a zero or a spin sorry if there was a zero we would have had another spinning uh go at it banzai hundred dollars okay back at 1360.can we fill up all three of those reels please and ten dollars ten dollars a lot of 10 hits on a 20 bet oh my gosh find more20 bucks back yeah 110 that’s our biggest win so far and we’re back at 13.70i want to get one spinny spin spin come on do it do it to it here comes and mother-sized free spin again drop a 10 over there for a 2 000 jackpot nothing nothing nothing ouch ouch two bucks oh baby we only get one spin here make a count oh there we go we counted it 200 brings us back up to 13.87lovely okay anything else for us how about a spin i want to see that wheel spin thing about that wheel spin is that you can literally just land on40 credits which is not very exciting to me well you could also land on 24 000 so that’s that’s pretty exciting 10 and 50 bucks sitting back at it oh down to twelve hundred dollars now four bucks you can get all three numbers to move after the fact too which is really awesome two dollars move it move it not moving ten all right we’ll stop at a thousand we’re down to a thousand sixty right now oh last band oh no two more now it’s last minute move yes thank you thirty dollars okay that gives us another two it do it do it do it yes and come on big finish oh 100 of dollars all right we’re back up to 11 17. I’m gonna give one more spin now we’ll leave with a hundred dollars on that game and jump on to the next all right leave in that one and going into the enclave high limit area let’s go inside i’m gonna pick up one more game to play today oh my gosh where am i gonna go i think i’m going to pandas i’m feeling the panda for some reason panda magic do your magic all right dragon cache you are my last game of the night i hope you guys are enjoying yourselves tonight thank you so much for all the super chats and stars and for hitting that subscribe button on youtube and follow on facebook every time you guys do that uh i don’t know i was gonna think of something really funny to say a bird gets his wings an angel gets his wings brian uh gets lucky okay there we go brian goes lucky there we go all right uh two dollar denomination is a lot of money that’s that’s probably too much money. Let’s do the dollar denomination 125 dollars bins off we goi’m gonna try and hit something give it some time oh my gosh that’s two grand right there i need to find six of dragon lake symbols or three lantern so some nines for ten dollars drop it in one got it got it got it got it all right we got free spins now we want three triggers we want six dragon lings to land uh mini minor major do your thing here we go three more spins two more chances come on last man sixteen dollars is all we hit on that bonus we had a fifty dollar trigger six and six all together ouch let’s just pretend that never happens and jump into the next bonus wow it happens to us all you guys it does five of the kites that’s a nice looking one hundred dollar five of a kind so 221 all together nice one very nicelet’s get those six dragon links this time let’s move on from the lantern sat least with the dragon wings are guaranteed some you know something a little better than 161250 oh my gosh all right look at that you guys we’re back at a thousand we started with two grand overall uh i forget when we say our total of our two jackpots are 27.27. uh so we’re still up 1700 right now so even if we go down tozero we’re still up for the night at 700 bucks let’s keep it up there though please and thank you i don’t want to go brokelet’s double up i want to see one bonus if we can get one more bonus we will take that money andrun rudy luck let’s do it to it’s peaking of rudy luck rudy’s in the house next week we got a couple of rudy’s lives wednesday and thursday next week following our regular lives we always do an extra live stream after every casino livestream and so next week we’re back at the casino come on do it two more darn it we have 19 yes i know one more ah come on now five bucks we got a little bit of everything in there that’s a win though i think 31 that’s a win all right keep going another winner isn’t that good oh i didn’t see the queens didn’t see the 100 line hitting queens i think it’s 100 right. I think it’s what it was last time all together 270. nice job all right continuing on come on i’m gonna do a couple rapid fires ready all right that was fun at least we changed up the timing so whatever we hit now is thanks to that or not things of that oh boy come on find it fine to find it we still got 24 more spins to land something i want to see that bonus come on and uh show us that magic70 bucks one more50 lineup nice one 97 all together oh wasted wilds one more got it’s okay starting off with 375 bucks that’s a good start better than our last bonus already the question is can we get a bonus in the bonus right now that’s what i really want to see or some panda magic just pandas everywhere right yes please all right guys this is our last bonus i told you we need one more bonus and then we’re cashing out so hopefully it’s a big one you guys ready here we go free trigger every trigger thank you thank you thank you that is amazing that is always welcome 50 in there and an extra three spins six more to go dragon lakes where are you hiding oh rude major just went by that’s a big win five of a kinds everywhere every five of a kind is a hundred dollars we got one and we got two we got three we got four five well at least five maybe five i don’t know let’s see here we go what do we got left here four more spins there was six of them six hundred and thirty bucks dragon league striking these dragon links let’s find them three more spins our bonus spins right now five of the times oh my gosh five kind tigers is 150 bucks oh my gosh look at that number growing we have two more spins. What’s it up to oh my goodness can you believe this. I love we are at a jackpot three jackpots tonight on a 10 20 and twenty five dollar bet last two spins free trigger last one come on bonus on the bonus i’ll settle for that one i’ll set up for that one bunch of fifty dollar line hits thirty dollar line hits and five dollar line it’s in there too an extra 565 we got ourselves an 1800 dollar jackpot we had 2700 on our last two jackpots if you put these actually i can actually since we’re in the high limit room right now i can claim that jackpot right now and it’ll get added to that ticket22.95 so we’re up 300 we are up 2 000 right overall yeah what a freaking comeback you guys amazing I hope you guys enjoyed it!